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Master di 1° livello

Made in Italy, Fashion and Luxury

Made in Italy, Fashion and Luxury

Master 1° Livello

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Durata: 1500 ore

CFU: 60

Made in Italy” is a worldwide famous label which describes cultural heritage, timeless elegance and well-known glamour.

In a context where the fashion and luxury industries keep on developing rapidly and are in constant high-demand, the Italian fashion system keeps growing in the main international markets, while still remaining recognisable thanks to its creativity, brand luxury sector and its innovative medium-sized enterprises (MSEs).

As the Italian excellence of raw materials and manufacturing, craftmanship, know-how, expertise and creative energy are well recognised within the world of fashion, being familiar with the characteristics of the Italian system represents a value added for those who wish to work in the fashion industry.

In this context, this Postgraduate Master course provides students with a strong background that allows them to understand the fashion industry dynamics with a specific reference on Made in Italy and the role that it plays within the fashion industry. This Postgraduate Master focuses on the development of the fashion sector throughout history, marketing strategies and company branding, supply and production chains and fashion communications.

During the course, the following topics will be covered:

  • The History of Fashion and Costume
  • Essential steps to launching a new brand
  • Fashion timeframe, editions, collections
  • The Fashion and Luxury distribution
  • The Nearshoring definition and supply chains dislocation
  • The concept of Made in Italy in the supply chain of Italian brands
  • Types of partnerships with relevant legal and economic aspects
  • The players in the supply chain
  • Fashion as communication
For information about the modules that will be covered during the course, please consult the section Objectives  0
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This Postgraduate Master course mixes technical knowledge, high quality professionals’ experiences and practical case studies, by enabling students to build their own professional network while studying through high-technological didactic tools.

The course aims at providing young graduates, young professionals and passionate about fashion with technical skills in the fashion and luxury industry, in order to develop a strong sensitiveness and knowledge towards fashion, quality and “Made in Italy” branded products, identify new business opportunities and successfully manage creative projects within international environments.

Students are expected to:

• study the didactic material specifically arranged;

• participate in online activities;

• successfully meet the required learning outcomes of each module as stated in course outline in order to pass the assignments;

• revise the assignments according to the lecturers’ comments in an event of the failure to meet one or more of the learning outcomes for each module;

• successfully pass the final dissertation defence real time via digital tools.

The following access qualifications are required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree qualification (EQF level 6)

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